Hey! So Who Am I?

I'm a twenty-something-year-old digital and radio production student at the University of Westminster. I love to create content that makes people smile, while in the studio or even at home. I also strive for mental health and well being while also promoting health and fitness for my body size (which is a bit on the squishy side).

I'm an online personality by day and a pain to my flatmate at night but overall, I like to believe that I am a good human being who is just trying to do their best with the cards I've been dealt.

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What Have I Done So Far?

What Is My Plan For The Future?

Even though I love working in radio, I don't know if that is where I am going to go after graduation. I have been working with children as a dance teacher for years and I feel at home in theatres. Sound tech to presenter to child care are all possible careers for me and I'm comfortable with the wide set of possibilities I have available to me in my future.