GhostsLaurie Ed
00:00 / 04:43


Ghosts is the first episode as a love letter, exploring my personal thoughts and feelings about the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic and her finally being able to move on from a past relationship.


Duration: 04”43

Music Reporting

TITLE: Strangers

ARTIST: Sigrid

LABEL: Island Records

YEAR: 2017

TimeLaurie Ed
00:00 / 05:33


Time is the second episode, exploring the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, recorded in a diary entry. While I am exploring the grounds, I also explore time and what it means to her.


Duration: 5”33

Music Reporting

TITLE: Good Riddance (Instrumental)

ARTIST: Green Day

LABEL: Reprise

YEAR: 1997


TITLE: Broken (Instrumental)

ARTIST: Lovely The Band

LABEL: Another Century

YEAR: 2017

FreedomLaurie Ed
00:00 / 04:43


Freedom is the final episode, a letter to the year 2020 and reflecting back on this year. This episode concludes the trilogy of my journey through the chaos that has been 2020.

Music Reporting

TITLE: Black Lives Matter


LABEL: It Goes Up Entertainment

YEAR: 2020


TITLE: F2020

ARTIST: Avenue Beat

LABEL: Valory

YEAR: 2020