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Extended Research Essay Poster


The topic of research I chose is the male gaze. To focus in more, after talking to my male friends after the release of the movie Birds Of Prey (Cathy Yan, 2020), they didn't notice a difference in the costume design and directing choices. After notifying a group chat that I was being followed by a group of men and the guys in the chat not understanding why I shared my location, I realised that the guys around me don't know the extent of the male gaze and rape culture in our society.

I am researching the male gaze and in turn, rape culture and male privilege, as these three topics often bleed into each other. To narrow down this broad topic, I will be focusing on British and American projects, research and charities, in the last twenty years from only female lead and written research and literature,. For primary research, I will be talking to men who are aged between fifteen and thirty in semi-structured interviews to balance out my research. 

My initial research was a questionnaire shared via my social media and had thirty participants. I covered topics such as over-sexualisation of both genders, catcalling and getting into a taxi alone. This questionnaire also asked about if the male gaze, rape culture and male privilege are real problems in our society. 

To continue this research further, as I said previously, I will be talking to men in one-to-one semi-structured interviews and also in focus groups to see if there is any change in behaviour between the two interview types.

I actually want to be proven wrong by my research and find that men are actually aware and are also fighting the war on sexism.